glow-day-nightNew generation of Photo luminescent (PL) materials – Glow in the Dark Materials (GDM) are based on activated aluminates-silicate crystals. These materials are manufactured by using sintering and contact melting phenomenon. The new experimental results of investigation of luminous powder with special thermal, mechanical and chemical treatments dramatically increased the application of this material.

A self-sustaining luminous material is proposed, to provide illumination that requires little or no maintenance, plus a low initial cost. The new Glow in the Dark products (paint, concrete, plastic, fabric, metal, etc) can provide long-term high performance, luminous glow-in-the-dark properties, plus the potential for a variety of uses such as signs, emergency luminance, walkways, roadway, highways and airports, parking lots, etc.

Our Research

Our Small Business Innovation Research project explores the concept of a new generation of luminous materials for enhancing visibility of highway and airway safety systems (e.g., surface markings, barriers, curbstones, poles, retaining/sound absorption walls). In addition, our materials with luminous properties will provide greener solutions as a renewable energy with lower costs material. Luminous “Glow in the Dark” powder is widely used in various applications such as in Glow in the Dark materials, paint, plastic molding, Silk-Screen Printing, photoluminescent tape, photoluminescent sheet, Ceramic Tiles, and various kinds of safety signs. The proposed luminous material is based on application of contact melting of crystal phenomenon to produce luminous powder and combine this powder with varieties of transparent resins and binders to produce luminous paints with special chemical treatment of new luminous powder. Based on preliminary results, it is anticipated that this proposed concept can produce a new technology for generation of powder and paint with new luminous properties. The reason for the Research, development and testing of technology for manufacturing luminous “Glow in the Dark” materials (powder, paints) is to try to ensure sufficient luminance without an electrical supply. Our idea for this project is to combine the three various concepts: application of contact melting of crystal for manufacture of glow in the dark powder; chemical treatment of this powder for creation of water resistant properties; formulation of new kind of luminous paint for various application. The proposed project will test the concept of Ultra-High Performance luminous powder and Paint.
What is the innovation in the proposed approach?
Application of contact melting of crystals let us create the new efficient technology for sintering of new generation of photo luminous powder, base of allumosilicate composition (3rd generation of photo luminous powder). Our chemical treatment of this powder can improve the water-resistant and durable properties of new kind of luminous paint. This new material is intended to provide the new long lasting Glow in the Dark time. The rare earth-activated alkali, earth aluminate-silicate photoluminescent pigment compounded by high-temperature solid phase reaction, is a novel, long-efficient and environmentally friendly material. The proposed luminous paint is a completely new concept and has never been tested. The concept engages novel interdisciplinary perspectives combining renewable energy sources, working without power supply (luminous “Glow in the Dark” material), chemistry (alumosilicate), and material sciences to resolve the fundamental problems related to safety, luminance of highway and behavior of new luminous paint.

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